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Last update: 09 25, 2017
562 items exist
TCZ001256 LPA(16:0/0:0) || PA(16:0/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 1.59e+5 3.54e+4 2.23e-1 1008
TCZ001259 Uric acid Metabolites [MS] 3.29e+6 8.41e+5 2.55e-1 1008
TCZ001264 Erythronic acid || Threonic acid Metabolites [MS] 2.08e+5 6.18e+4 2.97e-1 1008
TCZ001265 Phosphoric acid Metabolites [MS] 3.73e+6 4.69e+5 1.26e-1 1008
TCZ001266 PE(18:0/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 2.47e+5 1.04e+5 4.20e-1 1008
TCZ001267 L-Lactic acid Metabolites [MS] 2.91e+7 8.22e+6 2.82e-1 1008
TCZ001282 3-Hydroxybutyric acid Metabolites [MS] 8.58e+5 1.05e+6 1.23e+0 1008
TCZ001288 D-Fructose || D-Galactose || D-Glucose || D-Mannose Metabolites [MS] 1.75e+5 1.09e+5 6.21e-1 1008
TCZ001296 PE(16:0/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 2.42e+5 8.80e+4 3.63e-1 1008
TCZ001315 D-Glucuronic acid Metabolites [MS] 4.02e+3 2.01e+3 5.00e-1 1008
TCZ001324 L-Serine Metabolites [MS] 1.29e+4 2.94e+3 2.28e-1 1008
TCZ001327 L-Cystine Metabolites [MS] 4.34e+5 3.46e+5 7.98e-1 1008
TCZ001360 Erythronic acid || Threonic acid Metabolites [MS] 3.20e+4 3.85e+4 1.20e+0 1008
TCZ001387 Stearic acid Metabolites [MS] 3.17e+6 1.76e+6 5.55e-1 1008
TCZ001417 Tartaric acid Metabolites [MS] 5.57e+3 3.63e+4 6.51e+0 1008
TCZ001426 2-Isopropyl-3-oxosuccinate Metabolites [MS] 1.62e+4 4.44e+3 2.74e-1 1008
TCZ001447 Citrulline Metabolites [MS] 1.08e+5 3.31e+4 3.05e-1 1008
TCZ001471 4-Methoxyphenylethanol sulfate Metabolites [MS] 1.91e+3 4.78e+3 2.50e+0 1008
TCZ001483 nicotinate beta-D-ribonucleotide Metabolites [MS] 8.60e+3 3.66e+4 4.26e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ001533 L-Glutamine Metabolites [MS] 7.23e+5 1.46e+5 2.01e-1 1008