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Last update: 09 25, 2017
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TCO501998 2-Octenoylcarnitine Metabolites [MS] 1.70e+2 8.15e+1 4.79e-1 1008
TCO502062 2-Acetylthiazole Metabolites [MS] 4.80e+2 6.14e+1 1.28e-1 1008
TCO502113 L-Octanoylcarnitine Metabolites [MS] 1.42e+2 1.19e+2 8.38e-1 1008
TCO502161 Caffeine Metabolites [MS] 5.62e+2 4.72e+2 8.39e-1 1008
TCO502172 Valerylcarnitine Metabolites [MS] 1.62e+1 9.48e+0 5.85e-1 1008
TCO502182 Indole Metabolites [MS] 2.94e+1 6.66e+0 2.27e-1 1008
TCO502193 Paraxanthine Metabolites [MS] 2.46e+2 1.80e+2 7.35e-1 1008
TCO502196 Indoleacetaldehyde Metabolites [MS] 1.30e+1 3.79e+0 2.92e-1 1008
TCO502202 Glutamylphenylalanine Metabolites [MS] 5.06e+0 2.94e+0 5.81e-1 1008
TCO502203 3-Methylindole Metabolites [MS] 1.42e+1 3.36e+0 2.36e-1 1008
TCO502216 Phenylalanyl-Valine || Valyl-Phenylalanine Metabolites [MS] 1.37e+1 2.10e+1 1.53e+0 1008
TCO502272 L-gamma-glutamyl-L-isoleucine || L-gamma-glutamyl-L-leucine Metabolites [MS] 1.27e+1 4.94e+0 3.90e-1 1008
TCO502299 1H-Indole-3-carboxaldehyde Metabolites [MS] 1.79e+2 3.50e+1 1.96e-1 1008
TCO502301 Acetyl-N-formyl-5-methoxykynurenamine || Alpha-N-Phenylacetyl-L-glutamine Metabolites [MS] 7.12e+1 7.44e+1 1.04e+0 1008
TCO502304 L-Tryptophan_Fragment Metabolites [MS] 2.24e+3 4.04e+2 1.80e-1 1008
TCO502305 L-Tryptophan Metabolites [MS] 6.44e+2 8.64e+1 1.34e-1 1008
TCO502317 Tryptophanol_-H2O Metabolites [MS] 6.35e+1 1.34e+1 2.12e-1 1008
TCZ000017 Ethylmalonic acid Metabolites [MS] 4.72e+4 4.27e+4 9.05e-1 1008
TCZ000036 Taurine Metabolites [MS] 1.97e+5 6.08e+4 3.08e-1 1008
TCZ000040 PA(18:1(9Z)/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 8.78e+4 1.90e+5 2.16e+0 1008