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Last update: 09 25, 2017
269 items exist
TCO500704 PA(20:1(11Z)/0:0)_Na+ Metabolites [MS] 1.57e+2 4.51e+1 2.86e-1 1008 provisional
TCO501057 PA(20:3(8Z,11Z,14Z)/0:0)_Na+ Metabolites [MS] 1.22e+2 3.29e+1 2.70e-1 1008 provisional
TCO501189 PA(20:2(11Z,14Z)/0:0)_Na+ Metabolites [MS] 1.28e+2 3.81e+1 2.99e-1 1008 provisional
TCO501348 PS(18:1(9Z)/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 1.25e+2 1.37e+1 1.09e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000138 PS(22:4(7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z)/14:1(9Z)) Metabolites [MS] 2.69e+4 4.72e+4 1.76e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ000350 PE(42:6) Metabolites [MS] 1.26e+7 2.35e+6 1.86e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000352 PE(44:8) Metabolites [MS] 5.18e+6 9.31e+5 1.79e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000358 PE(42:7) Metabolites [MS] 2.95e+5 8.61e+4 2.92e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000376 PE(40:5) Metabolites [MS] 1.20e+5 5.11e+4 4.26e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000389 PE(40:4) Metabolites [MS] 1.11e+5 3.85e+4 3.48e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000392 PE(40:6) Metabolites [MS] 2.10e+4 1.73e+4 8.24e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000396 PE(44:6) Metabolites [MS] 3.33e+6 8.74e+5 2.63e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000416 2-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid || 3-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid || 4-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid Metabolites [MS] 3.91e+4 5.26e+4 1.34e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ001044 S-(3-oxo-3-carboxy-n-propyl)cysteine Metabolites [MS] 1.16e+3 1.33e+3 1.14e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ001120 S-(3-oxo-4-carboxy-n-propyl)cysteine Metabolites [MS] 1.61e+3 1.42e+3 8.81e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ001483 nicotinate beta-D-ribonucleotide Metabolites [MS] 8.60e+3 3.66e+4 4.26e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ002498 5-Methylthioribose 1-phosphate || 5-Methylthioribulose 1-phosphate Metabolites [MS] 1.07e+2 4.12e+2 3.85e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ003027 Benzoquinoneacetic acid Metabolites [MS] 9.37e+2 4.64e+3 4.96e+0 1008 provisional
TCO500067 Heme Metabolites [MS] 3.19e+1 1.67e+2 5.24e+0 1008
TCO500075 PC(16:1(9Z)/2:0) Metabolites [MS] 3.61e-1 1.11e+0 3.07e+0 1008