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Last update: 09 25, 2017
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TCZ003647 2-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid || 3-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid || 4-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid Metabolites [MS] 3.01e+3 2.65e+3 8.79e-1 1008
TCZ003597 Indoleacrylic acid Metabolites [MS] 2.48e+3 3.83e+3 1.54e+0 1008
TCZ003340 D-2-Hydroxyglutaric acid || L-2-Hydroxyglutaric acid Metabolites [MS] 2.40e+4 4.94e+3 2.06e-1 1008
TCZ003252 Methyl 3-(methylthio)propanoate Metabolites [MS] 5.99e+2 8.51e+2 1.42e+0 1008
TCZ003198 2-Furoic acid || 3-Furoic acid Metabolites [MS] 7.52e+3 3.26e+3 4.33e-1 1008
TCZ003065 2-Keto-3-deoxy-D-gluconic acid || 2-Methyl-4-oxopentanedioic acid || Oxoadipic acid Metabolites [MS] 4.36e+2 2.86e+2 6.57e-1 1008
TCZ003027 Benzoquinoneacetic acid Metabolites [MS] 9.37e+2 4.64e+3 4.96e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ002954 Glutamyl-Glutamine Metabolites [MS] 5.88e+1 1.69e+2 2.88e+0 1008
TCZ002936 Hydroxyminaline Metabolites [MS] 9.49e+2 3.28e+3 3.45e+0 1008
TCZ002860 L-Alanine Metabolites [MS] 1.57e+2 1.75e+2 1.11e+0 1008
TCZ002808 2-Keto-3-deoxy-D-gluconic acid || Gluconolactone Metabolites [MS] 7.98e+2 4.90e+2 6.14e-1 1008
TCZ002542 D-Glucurono-6,3-lactone || D-Glucuronic acid Metabolites [MS] 9.57e+2 4.67e+2 4.88e-1 1008
TCZ002505 3-Methyladipic acid Metabolites [MS] 5.08e+3 2.40e+3 4.73e-1 1008
TCZ002498 5-Methylthioribose 1-phosphate || 5-Methylthioribulose 1-phosphate Metabolites [MS] 1.07e+2 4.12e+2 3.85e+0 1008 provisional
TCZ002306 Uracil Metabolites [MS] 1.04e+4 5.88e+3 5.64e-1 1008
TCZ002276 PI(18:0/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 1.21e+4 9.53e+3 7.88e-1 1008
TCZ002271 Methionine sulfoxide Metabolites [MS] 3.71e+1 5.19e+1 1.40e+0 1008
TCZ002259 Ornithine Metabolites [MS] 3.78e+4 1.34e+4 3.55e-1 1008
TCZ002237 cis-4-Hydroxycyclohexylacetic acid || trans-4-Hydroxycyclohexylacetic acid Metabolites [MS] 1.69e+4 2.09e+4 1.23e+0 1008
TCZ002190 PI(36:2) Metabolites [MS] 7.86e+4 1.00e+5 1.27e+0 1008