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Last update: 09 25, 2017
562 items exist
TCZ000567 4-Hydroxybutyric acid Metabolites [MS] 5.44e+5 3.81e+5 7.00e-1 1008
TCZ001246 Alpha-N-Phenylacetyl-L-glutamine Metabolites [MS] 5.31e+5 5.58e+5 1.05e+0 1008
TCZ001008 L-Isoleucine || L-Leucine Metabolites [MS] 4.88e+5 1.32e+5 2.70e-1 1008
TCZ001009 L-Tryptophan Metabolites [MS] 4.78e+5 1.07e+5 2.23e-1 1008
TCZ001327 L-Cystine Metabolites [MS] 4.34e+5 3.46e+5 7.98e-1 1008
TCZ001130 PA(20:4(5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z)/22:0) || PA(22:0/20:4(5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z)) Metabolites [MS] 4.25e+5 1.54e+5 3.64e-1 1008
TCZ001239 PE(18:2(9Z,12Z)/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 3.68e+5 2.42e+5 6.58e-1 1008
TCZ000248 L-Tyrosine Metabolites [MS] 3.41e+5 9.04e+4 2.65e-1 1008
TCZ001913 cis-Aconitic acid || trans-Aconitic acid Metabolites [MS] 3.18e+5 1.11e+5 3.50e-1 1008
TCZ000055 Gluconic acid Metabolites [MS] 2.97e+5 1.02e+5 3.42e-1 1008
TCZ000291 L-Valine Metabolites [MS] 2.97e+5 9.08e+4 3.06e-1 1008
TCZ000358 PE(42:7) Metabolites [MS] 2.95e+5 8.61e+4 2.92e-1 1008 provisional
TCZ000948 L-Phenylalanine Metabolites [MS] 2.76e+5 7.89e+4 2.86e-1 1008
TCZ000818 Uridine Metabolites [MS] 2.72e+5 9.37e+4 3.45e-1 1008
TCZ001266 PE(18:0/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 2.47e+5 1.04e+5 4.20e-1 1008
TCZ001803 Arachidonic acid Metabolites [MS] 2.43e+5 1.56e+5 6.41e-1 1008
TCZ001296 PE(16:0/0:0) Metabolites [MS] 2.42e+5 8.80e+4 3.63e-1 1008
TCZ001121 Chenodeoxycholic acid glycine conjugate || Deoxycholic acid glycine conjugate Metabolites [MS] 2.38e+5 3.04e+5 1.28e+0 1008
TCZ000510 2-Hydroxyadipic acid || 3-Hydroxyadipic acid || 3-Hydroxymethylglutaric acid Metabolites [MS] 2.32e+5 4.97e+4 2.15e-1 1008
TCZ001994 Oxoglutaric acid Metabolites [MS] 2.31e+5 8.40e+4 3.63e-1 1008