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Last update: 09 25, 2017
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TCZ000510 2-Hydroxyadipic acid || 3-Hydroxyadipic acid || 3-Hydroxymethylglutaric acid Metabolites [MS] 2.32e+5 4.97e+4 2.15e-1 1008
TCZ000567 4-Hydroxybutyric acid Metabolites [MS] 5.44e+5 3.81e+5 7.00e-1 1008
TCZ000572 Adenosine monophosphate Metabolites [MS] 3.74e+3 5.42e+3 1.45e+0 1008
TCZ000580 L-Aspartic acid Metabolites [MS] 1.25e+4 4.39e+3 3.50e-1 1008
TCZ000583 Arabinose Metabolites [MS] 3.42e+4 9.79e+3 2.86e-1 1008
TCZ000619 Glutaric acid Metabolites [MS] 1.86e+3 1.71e+3 9.17e-1 1008
TCZ000620 Indoxyl sulfate Metabolites [MS] 2.70e+6 2.19e+6 8.13e-1 1008
TCZ000633 D-Fructose || D-Galactose || D-Glucose || D-Mannose Metabolites [MS] 2.12e+6 5.68e+5 2.68e-1 1008
TCZ000639 Paraxanthine || Theobromine Metabolites [MS] 1.86e+4 7.83e+4 4.21e+0 1008
TCZ000695 Pantothenic acid Metabolites [MS] 1.82e+4 1.59e+4 8.74e-1 1008
TCZ000732 Creatinine Metabolites [MS] 1.69e+5 5.28e+4 3.12e-1 1008
TCZ000756 Glycerol Metabolites [MS] 1.50e+4 8.41e+3 5.60e-1 1008
TCZ000774 Sphingosine 1-phosphate Metabolites [MS] 7.43e+4 2.14e+4 2.88e-1 1008
TCZ000794 C16 Sphingosine-1-phosphate Metabolites [MS] 6.09e+3 6.06e+3 9.96e-1 1008
TCZ000802 Hydroxyphenyllactic acid Metabolites [MS] 6.00e+4 2.33e+4 3.88e-1 1008
TCZ000818 Uridine Metabolites [MS] 2.72e+5 9.37e+4 3.45e-1 1008
TCZ000857 1-Methyluric acid || 3-Methyluric acid || 9-Methyluric acid || 7-Methyluric acid Metabolites [MS] 1.97e+4 2.10e+4 1.06e+0 1008
TCZ000858 Acetylglycine Metabolites [MS] 2.09e+4 1.47e+4 7.03e-1 1008
TCZ000859 Xanthine || Oxypurinol Metabolites [MS] 4.84e+4 1.37e+5 2.84e+0 1008
TCZ000861 Pyroglutamic acid Metabolites [MS] 5.62e+5 1.45e+5 2.58e-1 1008