3.23. Metagenome 16S-v3/v4

Dataset category



Microbiome analysis data of plaque/saliva samples (16S v3/v4 region analysis)

Samples analyzed

Plaque, saliva

Number of samples

1,388 samples

Analysis platform

Illumina MiSeq

item ID rule

Each microbe in the Metagenome 16s-v3/v4 2022 dataset is assigned an ID such as TTBx_1234. The leading TT stands for ToMMo Taxonomy. The B in the ID’s third character indicates that it belongs to the Metagenome 16S-v3/v4 dataset. (This character is used to distinguish it from the ID for the Metagenome 16S-v4 dataset.) The fourth character indicates the hierarchical level in the phylogenetic tree. (TTAP_xxxx = Phylum, TTAC_xxxx = Class, TTAO_xxxx = Order, TTAF_xxxx = Family, TTAG_xxxx = Genus, TTAS_xxxx = Species)

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