3.20. Metagenome shotgun

Dataset category



Microbiome analysis data of fecal samples (shotgun analysis)

Samples analyzed

fecal sample

Number of samples

315 samples

Analysis platform

NovaSeq 6000 (Illumina)

item ID rule

Each microbe in the Metagenome shotgun 2022 dataset is assigned an ID such as TTCx_1234. The leading TT stands for ToMMo Taxonomy. The C in the ID’s third character indicates that it belongs to the Metagenome shotgun dataset. (This character is used to distinguish it from the ID for the Metagenome 16S-v4 and Metagenome 16S-v3/v4 datasets.) The fourth character indicates the hierarchical level in the phylogenetic tree. (TTCP_xxxx = Phylum, TTCC_xxxx = Class, TTCO_xxxx = Order, TTCF_xxxx = Family, TTCG_xxxx = Genus, TTCS_xxxx = Species)

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