2.5. CNV page

jMorp publishes the results of Copy Number Variation analysis. In this page, you can view the results of analysis of copy number variation for each 1kbp.

2.5.1. Directions to CNV page

There are two ways to get to the CNV page.

  1. Display the “ToMMo JCNVv1 (link to jMorp)” track in the Genome Browser, right-click on each region and select “Show in jMorp”

  2. Click on each ID in the “jMorp CNV ID” column in the CNV panel on the gene page.

You can reach this page using either of the above.

2.5.2. CNV page content

The CNV page consists of four panels: “General information”, “Frequency”, “Overlapping SNVs/INDELs”, and “Genome Browser.””

The General information panel shows the names of the genes overlapping with the region.

The Frequency panel shows the frequency and histogram of the number of copies for each data set, as shown in the figure below.


The Overlapping SNVs/INDELs panel shows a list of SNVs and INDELs present in this area. By clicking in the Position/Alleles column, you can jump to the respective SNV/INDEL page.

The Genome Browser panel allows you to view the surrounding regions in a genome browser.